Annual Catalogue Catalogue Paper Share

It is that time of year again, Stampin’ Up! have a new catalogue, the 2021 – 2022 Annual catalogue that has been released and its jammed packed full of wonderful products.


This time round, we will be doing things a little different. This time you get to decide what you would like to have in your paper and ribbon share. For each paper and ribbon share there will be an option for a half share or a quarter share from the following options. You decide on what you need. If however you are like me and would like something from all three shares take a look at the very end there is a special price just for you.


For this paper share you can choose weather you want half a pack or quarter of a pack of the following papers.

  1. Beauty Of the Earth
  2. Bloom Where you’re Planted
  3. Expressions of Ink
  4. Hand Penned
  5. In the wild
  6. Pansy Petals
  7. Simply Elegant
  8. Sweet Symmetry
  9. Tidings Of Christmas
  10. You’re a Peach
A look at the papers you will receive.

OPTION 1A: Half Share Cost: $106.00

OPTION 1B: Quarter Share Cost: $53.00


This share includes some of my favourite specialty papers from the following.

  1. Copper Foil Sheets
  2. Gold Foil Sheets
  3. Pearlescent
  4. Rainbow Glimmer Paper
  5. Ombre Specialty Paper
  6. In Colour Shimmer Paper
  7. Gold & Rose Metallic Specialty Paper
  8. Hydrangea Hill Mercury Glass Acetate.

OPTION 2A: Half Share Cost: $51.00 

OPTION 2B: Quarter Share Cost: $25.00


You can choose weather you want a half, quarter or one meter of the new ribbon from the new 2021-2022 Annual Catalogue. This means you will get either half a bolt of ribbon which is 4.5 metres, a quarter of a bolt of ribbon which is 2.25 metres or a 1 metre of ribbon share its your choice.

  • Just Jade Gold Braided Ribbon
  • Flirty Flamingo gold metallic ribbon
  • Evening evergreen open weave ribbon
  • Fresh freesia open weave ribbon
  • Pale papaya open weave ribbon
  • Polished pink open weave ribbon
  • Soft succulent open weave ribbon
  • Evening evergreen chevron weave ribbon
  • Smoky slate textured ribbon
  • Highland heather grosgrain ribbon
  • Mint macaron soft velvet ribbon
  • Pale papaya & white ribbon
  • Simply elegant trim
  • Bakers twine

OPTION 3A: Half Share Cost: $90.00 

OPTION 3B: Quarter Share Cost: $45.00 

OPTION 3C: One Metre Share Cost: $24.00 

I want it all option….

If you are like me and would like to get the have it all option I have a special price for all three shares below, that is a 10% discount on your share if you buy all three shares together

OPTION 4A: Half Share Cost: $222.00

OPTION 4B: Quarter Share Cost: $111.00

OPTION 4C: Half paper & ribbon share with one metre ribbon share Cost: $162.00 

OPTION 4D: Quarter paper & ribbon share with one metre ribbon share Cost: $91.00 

Extra Special early payment bonus….

If you book any of the option 4 paper and ribbon share and pay for it before the 21st of May, I will give you an extra paper share of a quarter of a pack of the brand new 2021 – 2022 In Colour 6×6 designer series papers.

Shipping Costs

So from each of the above you get to pick which options suit you, plus shipping costs, if you are unable to collect. Here are the shipping costs with tracking:

Large pre paid satchel $15.70


  • You must be an Australian Resident to participate in my paper and ribbon share.
  • May 31st, 2021: Deadline to reserve and pay for your paper and ribbon share
  • May 31st, 2021: deadline to pay
  • June 1st 2021: I will order all the products
  • June 10th 2021 : I will cut, label, bag and package all paper shares (assuming there is no delay with postage and covid 19)
  • June 14th 2021 : I will ship paper shares (assuming there are no back orders)
  • Easy as that!

To place your order for your paper share you can Contact me here with the list of options you would like. Alternatively if you want to check out all the products that Stampin’ Up! sell you can check them out here at my online store Bec’s House Of Craft Online Store or if you would like to book your paper share click here.

Happy Crafting


Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer all offers only available from Bec’s House Of Craft.

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