Punch hoarder…. Here’s a Storage tip…

Are you like me, a punch hoarder… oops I mean punch collector. I often get asked about my punch storage. It is really a simple system that I use that can always be added to. Here is what my storage looks like.

The simple part about it is that the little cubby holes are made out of PVC down pipe that you get from the hardware store. I cut it up into these pieces and then stack them on top of each other. They sit really well on each other but I do have it fitting tightly between my over head shelf unit and the shelf that it is sitting on. The beauty about this system is that I can easily add more any time I like by simply get another down pipe and cutting it up. I am lucky that my husband has a drop saw and I can use these tools to cut the pipe, as I get nice clean cuts that are the same length. You can however cut it with a hack saw it will do just as neat a job and build up your arm muscles as you go. 💪 Here is a link for Bunnings Hardware store that i purchased the pipe from. Bunnings square downpipe

Here is a close up look at my punch storage and some measurement details for you. My overall height in between my shelves is 49cm, and the length of the entire area I have for my punches is 1.80cm in old terms that’s nearly six foot long…wow.. Each piece is cut at 11.5cm

The width of each piece is about 10.5cm which is big enough for your largest Stampin’ Up! Punch.

And the height of each piece is about 5.5cm give or take a millimetre. 😉

Overall I can fit 153 punches in the unit at the moment and i always have the option to add more later. I love my punch storage, as it sits across the way from my table and I can always see which punches I have on hand, to use at any given moment.

I hope you like my punch storage system as much as I do, if you have a great storage idea please share it with me or leave me a comment, but if you have any questions please shoot me a message I will be more than happy to help.  Contact 

Happy Crafting ✂️

Cheers Bec 😊

11 thoughts on “Punch hoarder…. Here’s a Storage tip…

  1. Sheila White

    What did you use to close in the back? Love this, going to have my husband do this for me. I guess you could glue them together, if they were free standing.

    1. Thanks for your question Sheila, mine are sitting against a wall so this stops the punches from sliding through, when I had them free standing, not jammed in between shelves I had Velcro dots holding them together so if I wanted to move them I could always just pull them apart and arrange them differently, but I have always had them against something Weather it was a book case or some sort of shelf. 😊

  2. Nancy Turley

    Thanks so much for sharing this is Brilliant!!! But there is no way my hubby but hand saw this. I wonder if the Hardware Store would, like they do wood. Guess it would be worth asking. I would glue together with E6000.

    1. Thanks Nancy hand sawing would be very tough I’m lucky my husband has a drop saw that I cut them all with. I did use Velcro dots to hold them together when I didn’t have them jammed in between the shelves that way if I ever moved them they would just come apart.

  3. Fiona

    Amazing idea Bec, I just came across this post on Pinterest, I’m in the middle of doing a craft room makeover and looking for storage ideas, I just need to find a wall that I can stack this against.

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